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Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors can add that unique look to your home.

At Lou’s Floor Covering Inc. we understand all of your flooring needs - today’s products give you even more choices and flexibility than before; and our specialty installers will provide that extra attention with top quality work in each installation selected.

Wood Floor Selection:

We understand that different homes and owners have unique flooring needs. That’s why we carry a full range of solid, engineered and laminate wood floors. Here are a few wood flooring types available at Lou’s Floor Covering.

Bamboo: Flooring made from bamboo, which is considered a type of grass.

  • A Lou’s Floor Covering Inc. Green Product
  • Most environmentally friendly hardwood floor. Unlike wood, bamboo is a sustainable material that can be harvested every five years. Since it is a type of grass, bamboo begins to re-sprout almost immediately after harvesting
  • Comes in a naturally lighter color but can be carbonized to produce a darker hue
  • Naturally water and moisture resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and stain resistant


A sustainable material that is made from shaved bark from cork trees. Each cork tree can be shaved every nine years for up to 20 shavings. Cork floors are manufactured without the need to cut down trees.

  • A Lou’s Floor Covering Inc. Green Product
  • These floors are protected with several coats of durable finish
  • Provides a warm, comfortable surface to your home
  • Mold and mildew resistant

Laminate: After years of success, the same technology used for countertops was put it into laminate floors—producing one of the most low maintenance floors on the market.

  • Least expensive of all the hard surfaces
  • Lower maintenance option with the look of a real wood floor
  • Easy to clean (just wipe with a slightly damp cloth)
  • Excellent at resisting scratches and stains
  • Available in all the popular wood choices
  • Ideal for small rooms like home offices

Engineered Wood: These floors are engineered and designed to bring structural stability, giving you real wood with a stronger subfloor.

  • Medium priced
  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Costs less than solid woods
  • Thinner and low profile wood
  • Can be refinished 1-2 times

Unfinished Solid Wood: If your project is new construction site finished is a great option.

  • Least expensive way to get real wood
  • Most popular unfinished woods are oak, Brazilian cherry, hickory and maple
  • Option to stain the wood to match your tastes

Pre-finished Solid Wood: Finished and sanded by the manufacturer, saving customers from a lot of dust.

  • Most expensive hardwood flooring
  • These floors come with 3-7 coats of aluminum oxide finish
  • Manufactured by a machine with the aid of computers to give the most consistent finish
  • Excellent durability and scratch resistant
  • Costs more than unfinished but is more durable and consistent in finish

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